Why I chose to donate my body to Stony Brook students when my currency is expired.

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As a young child, started around 5, I started wanting Doctors kits for gifts anytime I would get away with it. I was intrigued by anything having to do with Doctors or Nurses. My family was not by any means interested in any type of education,luckily I received  my GED at 26.At 18 I even worked cleaning a hospital just to be in that environment.So, as the years flew by and it became time to consider what my final wishes were, I knew I didn’t want people saying how beautiful I looked dead in a casket!! BARBARIC! It hit me one day,how bout doing some good , even though I will not be around to see it.YES! Donate the whole bod to those med students at Stony Brook!! I did it.My only issue is ,I feel those students should learn a little bit about the cadaver before they become embedded in their hearts and souls forever.

czamodeo Posted new comment January 30, 2022

Beautifully stated! During gross anatomy lab we were so honored to have the cadavers as our teachers. Many decades later, I’m still deeply grateful for the gift!

Thank you good Dr.