The benefits of sports at an early age

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I had the best, worse childhood ever, two foster homes, moved around with my family too many times to count. Florida many diff cities, Delaware, Brooklyn, all over Long Island. Finally, quit school as soon as I hit 16, was in 9th grade, left-back twice because of all the moving. But the thing that kept me cemented was, SPORTS! I was a very good athlete in SOFTBALL AND TENNIS. Won numerous trophies in both sports. Particularly proud of ( latter years) the three consecutive doubles champions my friend Lucy and I captured in the 1990s. Also the only female, in my teens, on our ping pong team, more trophies. More awards later in Bowling and Racquetball. So, my point is , if it were not for sports (evening hours spent dancing, more trophies) my life would have been totally effed up!!!! We were a family of 4 boys and two girls….most of my siblings had drug issues, they were not athletes……STICK TO PLAYING SPORTS WHEN YOU’RE YOUNG!

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