PMS is causing me sadness and depression

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In the cases where my PMS symptoms cause me to feel sad and depressed, how can I better cope through the week or normalize my mood? I can feel myself as a grey cloud or a charging bull and the emotions are so significant that I can not drop anything. It sticks (arguments, my sensitivities). Is there a way to balance it out? My defense mechanism is to stay away from people…do yoga and meditate, but my inconsistencies in those practices have this firey woman erupting. Any ideas?

Usicko Admin Answered question December 13, 2021

Hello and thank you for your question about how to deal with heavy mood swings related to PMS.

I understand that while you seem to have found that yoga/mediation have been helpful, you are not always able to maintain that routine, and seek alternative ideas.

I expect that you have already read a great deal about this, and may have even tried some chemical interventions such as taking the pill to help with the situation.

But just as an introduction I would like to share an article I liked that offered some solutions. Many you have likely seen, but just in case – if one or two of these work, it is certainly worth trying.

Woman’s Health, May 4, 2012

As you know, PMS is a biochemical phenomenon that you cannot avoid, but recent advances in cognitive science have led to more understanding of how the mind can be trained to deal much better with the symptoms.

Please read about cognitive behavioral therapy – a solution-based answer which has helped many women deal with challenges similar to yours. It takes time, but the success rate is very high.

From the APA:

If you are able to find a female therapist who specializes in this – even online, I would give it a try. And if it does not work, try another psychologist / psychiatrist as not everyone possesses the same skill level.


Please also read this Harvard study summary about the use of CBT for PMS.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Premenstrual Syndromes: A Review of the Literature

Therefore, I believe that an approach that includes some form of CBT has a high possibility of providing you some relief.

Please keep a list of things you have tried, and keep a record of what seems to work best. You will find the best answer. Take care.

Usicko Admin Answered question December 13, 2021