My son is 8, diagnosed with Aspergers –


They recommend medication, what shall I do? Is it treatable?

Usicko Admin Changed status to publish December 11, 2021

Hello and thank you for your question regarding your son’s diagnosis.

The answer to your first question is definitely yes. The condition is treatable, especially for a child who is as young as 8.

Before I explain some options for treatment I would like to caution you about diagnosing your son. It seems common practice for physicians these days to diagnose and then try to fit a child and their treatment into a section of the DSM 5.

While your child may need some training / conditioning to alter his behavior, I would not recommend medication.

From my postdoctoral experience working with children who have social skill / human interaction challenges, I noticed the amazing changes that take place over time (sometimes 1-2 years) as a result of parental interventions using well-tested strategies.

Again, I would like to advise you not to categorize your son into any named behavior disorder such as Asperger’s or PDD-NOS. These are simply attempts by clinicians to organize strategies to support children. However, I believe the categorization of behaviors into specific disorders is counterproductive.

Your son’s challenges are unique to him only, but by utilizing what has been learned by parents with similar challenges, you will be successful.

Your interventions will change his future in school, work and within your family.

I am sorry to suddenly send you in the direction of a great deal of reading, but please take a look at these links and any similar references you can find.

What you will be doing is what can be broadly termed ‘Shaping behavior’. I am not talking about general reward and punishment child raising strategies, but a much deeper and structured approach.

Usicko Admin Changed status to publish December 11, 2021