My daughter is 13 years old and was just recently diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.


I am very very concerned because my mother had bipolar dis and I have no idea how to raise my daughter in this condition that she has right now. At this point I am asking anyone and everyone for their advice and I hope that you can help me. At this point I’m very concerned my daughter might grow to abuse the medication just like my mother also abused the medication for her illness. Help!!

Usicko Admin Answered question December 11, 2021

Hello and thank you for your question about your daughter’s bipolar diagnosis and concerns about medication abuse.

Firstly, I would not worry that your daughter will grow to abuse her medication as the knowledge freely available today, in combination with a multidisciplinary team should allow her to lead a normal life – and experience normal ups and downs as we all do.

Below is a great article for you to read:

Please take note of how it says that counseling, especially cognitive behavioral therapy can help her to develop good coping skills that will carry her throughout her whole life.

Please don’t underestimate the power of an excellent counselor. Our profession is dedicated to helping people deal with psychological issues – often working with psychiatrists. However, the psychiatrist will only spend a short time with your daughter to adjust medication.

The most important factor in your child’s well-being is you. Parents typically spend the most time with their children and therefore have the greatest chance to influence behavior.

Therefore, please learn as much as possible about bipolar disorder. However, don’t let that define her, as that is just one aspect of her personality.

Medications can be adjusted, even to the point where they are almost only a placebo, but excellent coping skills will turn out to be most valuable.

Also, please don’t discount natural therapies. Allow your daughter to take an active role in dealing with her condition.

Usicko Admin Answered question December 11, 2021