Knee replacement

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I had a knee replacement 3 yrs. ago this June.I swam five days a week for a half hour per day( there was never pain while swimming) until the day before my surgery.Normal walking was excruciating since it was bone on bone.Directly after surgery they were giving me intravenous Tylenol,high amounts.I very nicely told them to stop it immediately that I did not need anything for pain.The nurses were all shocked and said that never happens.The patients are always needing the pain meds.When I was released from the hospital they gave me an rx for pain,never filled it.Had PT at home 2 weeks.When that was completed got a phone call from one of the nurses from the hospital I had the surgery in.She said I would be going to PT and they would be giving me heavy duty pt so I will need to take pain meds.I declined,never had pain and to this day I attribute my that painless experience to my SWIMMING!!!! And by the way, now swim an hour a day 5 days a week!!!

Usicko Admin Posted new comment February 2, 2022

Certainly this is evidence of the positive effects of daily exercise! It is known that exercise raises endorphin levels which reduces perception of pain. I wonder if this is the reason you needed less pain medication…? Keep swimming!!