I’m having horrible anxiety lately and I can’t deal with it.

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I am pretty sure my kidneys are failing.
I have sharp pain in my kidney and if its kidney stone, I’d rather have that than acute kidney failure. I am generally known for not drinking too much water, I am a small person I weigh around 49kg and I drink around 1 liter a day approx and have been doing that so far in my life. I am so afraid of kidney failure I’ve been obsessed with it for days now. This morning I sent an urine sample to my mother who works as a doctor and even though I wasn’t present there, she said they took the sample and tested it, and it came back fine only my ketones were slightly elevated mostly because I don’t eat enough for a while now.
This is the third urine work I have in the last month, and I had blood work done and they were generally fine.
However for some reason I don’t believe in these results because I didn’t see them personally and I think my parents might be lying to me since I’ve had health anxiety for three years now.
I just feel like everyone is lying to me and ignoring the actual symptoms, and I feel like I will die. I just don’t want to die yet, I am only 19.

Usicko Admin Answered question December 11, 2021

Hello and thank you for your question about your anxiety concerning possible kidney failure.

You are not wrong to worry about your kidney if you are feeling sharp pain.

I accept that your pain is real and so should every physician you talk to.

However, there are many types and causes of kidney pain – In this article types of kidney pain are discussed :


Do you have any of the symptoms listed here :

I am hoping that you do not have these symptoms.

It is a good thing you have had check ups, and you are aware of the seriousness of such a condition.

If you are worried that your parents are lying to you, or that your symptoms are not being taken seriously, you can request an independent lab to test you, or ask the doctor to show you the lab results. Often, they will give you the lab test results. Or, you could perform certain tests yourself with a basic kit from the pharmacy.

Here is how to read the results:


(You can perform certain blood tests yourself too at home)

If you are worried about the functioning of your kidneys, you could request a kidney function test :


The main point of me providing these links for you to learn about your kidneys is so that you can know for sure if your kidneys are in fact failing.

Doctors are just people who learned about how to diagnose and treat medical conditions. But you do not have to trust them. Find out the answers for yourself.

Your anxiety is a result of you not knowing for sure the what is causing your pain.

It is a good thing you are coming to this app to talk with doctors. It shows you are taking control of the situation. I suggest you also ask the same question to other specialties on this site to compare answers.

If you cannot find a reason why people may be lying to you about your health, it is unlikely. There is no benefit for health professionals to lie to you because it only doubles their work.

We become doctors to heal, and to help people live happy lives.

I wish you the best.

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