Bumper stickers —-dangerous to ones health????


I happen to have bumper stickers on my car that make it clear what political party I prefer.I have been called every obnoxious rant I can ever conjure up! And yes,people are still trying to REMOVE the stickers from MY CAR! Today I was bullied by two men who were not pleased at my parking skills ,walking by me in my car ,mumbling “it figures  “ referring to seeing the stickers on the back of my car.I had my window rolled down and did have a response for them. I had one guy in a pick up truck driving by my parked car ,when I got out of the car he first tried to run me over then called me curses I hadn’t heard in a long time,ending the rant by shouting  his fav political choice over and over again. Just one more since there are too many to list.I pulled in the parking lot of my doctors office and a woman walking past the back of my car leaving the doctors office starting screaming the name of the politician she favored,but at the top of her lungs.So,is it dangerous to put a bumper sticker of your choice in a free country?????

czamodeo Asked question March 11, 2022