Apathy and concerns about therapy

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I am concerned with my indifference toward others and dislike of being in social situations. Is the feeling of apathy normal after having been through a lot of traumatic situations and deaths from childhood to teenage years? I’m often told people deal with death in different ways but I always feel like I could have stopped it or it should have been me. I tried therapy once and did not like the psychologist so now I am wary of more visits. What advice do you have for me?

Usicko Admin Answered question January 3, 2022

Hello and thank you for your question about your long-term apathy and concerns about therapy.

Feelings of apathy are one of nature’s ways of allowing us to recover mentally after suffering events such as deaths and traumatic events. However, this is usually a short-term coping behavior.

You have written that these feelings have persisted for 6 years which leads me to think that social apathy is actually a symptom of depression.

You have said that you tried to see a psychologist but that you had not tried to seek help as your experience was not good.

It sounds to me that you are trying to solve this problem by yourself. However, psychological/mental conditions need the same attention as physical conditions – and sometimes there is a physical cause for a psychological condition.

In the same way that you would not avoid fixing your car because you had a bad experience with a mechanic, I suggest that you try again with another mental health professional. However, this time please speak with a psychiatrist – a medical doctor who may test your body for physical causes and may prescribe medications to help you. This may include cooperative therapy with a psychologist.

Your condition needs immediate attention. The good news is that it is treatable if you seek help. Please also see these articles:

Usicko Admin Answered question January 3, 2022